Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening Kits

For a bright, white smile, professional teeth whitening kits are preferred to tooth whitening strips and toothpastes for their effectiveness, affordablility, and their long lasting whitening results.

There are several professional teeth whitening kits available on the market and most of them can be acquired from your dentist, online or over the counter.

Typically, a professional teeth whitening kits will consist of:

1. A Mouthpiece Tray

These are usually thermo-fitting mouth trays where you will need to dip them in boiling water for 3-4 seconds and then bite into them in order to mold them to your teeth.

2. Whitening Gel

These are meant to be used together with your mouth trays. Generally they will contain a bleaching agent such as carbamide peroxide to whiten the teeth. As the active gel is kept in contact with the teeth for a period of about thirty minutes each day, it oxidizes any stained organic deposits and turn the teeth into a white color. This process makes the overall tooth color closer to its natural unstained color.

3. Remineralization or Desensitizing Gel

The gels are meant to be use after each teeth whitening session to help protect your teeth from tooth sensitivity.

Are Teeth Whitening Kits Effective?

Most professional teeth whitening kits work if they are used the right way. Over 95% of people who use teeth whitening kits reported a difference in the brightness of their teeth and many of them are more than satisfied with the results obtained from these professional kits. After the initial treatment, most people do touchups about once every 6-12 months.

Advantages Of Teeth Whitening Kits

  • They can be used easily by anybody. They are simple to use and they can be use at home which make them convenient.
  • They are very cheap when compare with expensive treatments at dentists' clinics that specialize in cosmetic dentistry. These professional teeth whitening kits are priced around $50-$80, while the cost of teeth whitening at a professional clinic could go up to a $1000 for the entire procedure.
  • Some kits can lighten the teeth by several shades within as little as 2 hours. Thus they can be used for emergency purposes such as a short-notice party or a date.

Disadvantages Of Teeth Whitening Kits

  • Teeth whitening kits may cause sensitive teeth and gum irritation.
  • You need to have discipline and the time to perform the whitening treatments.
  • Teeth whitening kits are not suitable for you if you are pregnant, have gum problems, wear braces, had recent oral surgery, decayed tooth or have roots that are exposed.


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