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GO SMiLE Smile Whitening System

(Formerly known as Advanced Formula B1 Tooth Whitening on the Go)
Go Smile Smile Whitening System

GO SMiLE Smile Whitening System gives you the white teeth you've always wanted, quickly and effectively, with no mess, hassle, or discomfort.

With GO SMiLE's revolutionary one-step whitening system, whitening now only takes two minutes of your time. Just apply and go, its amazingly fast and unbelievably easy!

 Price: $89.00

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Product Features:

GO SMiLE's Smile Whitening System is formulated to brighten your smile with an easy two-minute application, twice a day, for seven days.

  • Simple and convenient one-step tooth whitening system. Just just Flip, Pop and Whiten
  • Clinicially proven to whiten teeth up to 6 shades whiter in just 7 days
  • Includes 14 Patented Single-Use Ampoules (0.03 fl oz, 0.9 ml each)
  • Bonus 6 x 0.02 oz patented ampoules (three-day supply)
  • Cool minty fresh flavor

For immediate whitening results, use GoSMILE 2 times a day for 14 days and then once daily for maintenance or as needed depending on your stain index.


Alcohol, PVD, Hydrogen Peroxide, Flavor


- Doesn't make teeth sensitive.
- Simple and easy to use
- Pleasant smell
- No mess, no trays


- Harsh on gum
- Expensive


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GoSmile Smile Whitening System Reviews

By: GC, San Francisco, CA 

I have tried the drugstore whiteners (Crest Whitestrips, Remrandt) several times. I can never manage to use these more than 2 or 3 times consecutively. They taste gross, are hard to use and HURT!!! I bought GO SMiLE about 3 weeks ago. The ampoules are a little tricky- you have to really squeeze the product out. BUT I used them every day (so easy), and my teeth are extremely white. My tan even looks better. It is more costly, but saves money in the end because you are not wasting product and it WORKS!

By: Julie, in Chicago, IL 

I really wanted to like the Go Smile system, but I'm still undecided about purchasing it again. It did whiten my teeth slightly, but not enough to justify the cost. I'm going to try my custom trays from the dentist and see if I can get better whitening. Maybe the two will work to brighten my teeth better than one alone. I do like the touch-ups from Go Smile. I use them after lunch especially after eating blueberries, etc. So...the jury is still out.

By: A. Soule, LA 

This formula is the only one that doesn't make my teeth and gums sensitive to liquids. I was skeptical of the high price, but after reading many reviews, I decided to try it. It's easy to apply. You pop out the plasticky feeling tube and put it in the cardboard cover. A snap, and the liquid starts flowing to the rubbing tip. The tip is not a brush, as I was led to believe, but more of a pad. It feels a little weird rubbing on the teeth, and a little hard.
There's enough juice in each ampoule to do your teeth twice, it seems like, so I cheated and shared each application with my husband. (probably not a good idea...but what the heck, we kiss, so what's the difference, right?!)

The B1 is the highest color of white you can achieve on the color comparison strip at the dentist's office. I will say that the dentist was unpleasantly surprised that he couldn't sell me his OWN whitening after I used the GoSmile. :) It works better than the strip treatments because you can rub it around the gumline, and avoid that yellow line that the strips leave behind.

So- bottom line- it doesn't create sensitive teeth, and it gets in all the cracks. Good product. I would have given five stars if it started coming down in price!

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Go Smile Tooth Whitening System

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