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Aquafresh White Trays Pro Gentle System

Minimize tooth sensitivity while you whiten with Aquafresh White Trays Pro Gentle System.

Aquafresh White Trays Pro Gentle System

Now comes with Aquafresh Pro-Gentle Fluoride Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth, formulated to help minimize whitening-related sensitivity while you use the custom fit, disposable whitening trays that are pre-filled with the same enamel-safe ingredients dentists use for easy whitening and disposal. Just apply once a day and get visibly whiter teeth in as little as 3 days!

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Product Features:

  • Exceptional whitening once a day with clean, fresh taste
  • One box includes 7 upper and lower disposable whitening trays
  • Soft, thin and flexible trays for better comfort; providing a custom fit
  • Pro-Gentle toothpaste builds protection against tooth whitening related sensitivity
  • Pre-filled with the same enamel-safe ingredient that dentists use


Glycerin, Water Purified, Hydrogen Peroxide, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, Carbomer, Polyvinyl Pyrolidone, Potassium Hydroxide, Potassium Phosphate, Flavor, Sucralose, Citric Acid, Disodium Edetate, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate


- Easy to use
- Cleans hard to reach spots
- Does not harm enamel
- Pre-filled trays so less messy


- Harsh on teeth and gum
- Difficult to keep it on teeth properly
- Tastes Bad

How Do Aquafresh White Trays Work?

Aquafresh White Trays are pre-filled with 10% hydrogen peroxide gel. The unique flexible structure of the trays grips your teeth so that it fit snugly over the top and bottom teeth giving the gel the ability to whiten between and even behind the teeth.

* In a clinical study Aquafresh White Trays whitened faster and better than Crest Whitestrips Premium and fewer people experienced tooth sensitivity.

How To Use Aquafresh White Trays?

  1. To whiten, apply trays on upper, then lower teeth.
  2. Gently press tray with fingers to spread the gel onto and around teeth.
  3. Keep trays in your mouth for 30-45 minutes.
  4. Repeat once daily for 5 days and for even better results, use for up to 7 days.

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Aquafresh White Trays Reviews:

By: Steve, Louisville, KY 

I have never felt these type products worked very well but I will admit I was very happy with the Aquafrest Whitetrays. I could see a real difference after the first 3 uses and it only got better.

By: Phoebe L, New York, NY 

Not so good if you don't have small teeth. They didn't fit over my chompers completely, so the top part of my teeth didn't get bleached.

By: J. Tomaszewski, Chicago, IL 

After reading some of the reviews of this product it made me realize many people are VERY hard to please. The mechanism of action behind most tooth whitener products is to hold hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide (which breaks down to hydrogen peroxide with urea in your mouth) solution in contact with the teeth for a predetermined amount of time according to the concentration of the particular product. Aquafresh White Trays are no different - rather than a strip they use trays. When hydrogen peroxide stays in contact with soft tissue, especially irritated soft tissue, it is normal for a burning sensation and temporary discoloration to occur in sensitive individuals. The Aquafresh trays do a good job of holding the hydrogen peroxide gel against your teeth. You do have to use your finger on the front of the trays to spread the gel around evenly, but is that really too much work? These are not custom fit trays, so I did not expect a perfect fit. I noticed visible results after a few applications and was pleased with the performance of this over-the-counter product. If you have sensitive teeth then be wary of tooth whitening products as they often increase sensitivity. You can either keep the trays on for a shorter duration or use a potassium nitrate based toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth (Sensodyne, Colgate Sensitive, etc.) for several weeks prior to, and during, the whitening process. This should alleviate a lot of the discomfort. All in all I liked this product better than the strips because the gel is able to penetrate better into the spaces between your teeth ensuring a more well-rounded whitening process.

By: Andrea Hill, New Jersey, USA

The White Trays were very messy. The gel didn't like to stay in the plastic holders that go onto the teeth and squished out onto my gums and tongue. I don't have perfectly straight teeth on the bottom, so it was kind of hard to get the gel to evenly touch all of my bottom teeth. The product came with 7 lower and 7 upper tray sets and took a week to use. My teeth seemed a few shades whiter, but it hard to tell.

I'm not very impressed with the toothpaste. I don't like the taste of it, but I guess it works well. When the toothpaste is used in conjunction with the Whitening Trays, it is supposed to keep your teeth from becoming overly sensitive. I never noticed any sensitivity.

I would recommend this Whitening system, however I've never used any other Whitening system, so I have nothing to compare it to.

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Aquafresh White Trays

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